About us

Factory Housing Outlet Advantage

Our company motto and mission statement reads “Exceeding your expectations is our foundation” and it is our commitment to you and every home buyer who entrusts NW Green Homes with their new home or land-home project.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our leadership team offers you the knowledge and expertise that has been honed over our years of experience together developing thousands of manufactured & modular home projects. Services performed by our expert staff include:

  • Site analysis & feasibility studies of your proposed building site. 
  • Free floor plan consultation & customization, including scaled drawings of your customized plans
  • Comprehensive project coordination including all required inspections
  • Site development for your land/home project: clearing, leveling, excavation, driveways…
  • Foundations or approved foundation systems for manufactured homes
  • Home delivery, installation and all finish work
  • Coordination of utility installations and connections
  • Garages and out buildings
  • Covered or uncovered porches, decks and patios

Our Homes

Don’t have exactly what you need?

 If you can’t find the perfect floor plan, but parts of several of our homes are what you’re looking for? Bring those ‘parts’ to us and we’ll custom design a house for you based on what you really want in your home. This is just one example of the uniquely personalized services we offer here at Factory Housing Outlet, where we are wholly committed to the factory built home concept. Henry Ford revolutionized the manufacturing industry when he developed the assembly line process for the automobile industry. Why not implement those strategic advantages into residential home construction? Factory built homes are less expensive not because they’re built with inferior building products (in fact they’re built with the same materials as typical site built homes), but because of bulk purchasing power, streamlined production time lines and significantly lower labor costs. 

About our homes

It has long been known that manufactured homes offer a high degree of effective space utilization in combination with contemporary design. At Factory Housing Outlet we have partnered with two of the best known manufactured home builders, Palm Harbor and Fleetwood Homes, to provide you with a large selection of time proven house plans. 

Why factory built?

Our homes are built in a controlled environment with materials that are stored in that same environment so no part of your home is subjected to adverse weather: rain, snow or blistering sun prior to delivery to your property.  

Walls & floors are built on perfectly level and square jigs assuring accuracy.

Continual oversight and inspections throughout the building process insures quality.

Typically built in three weeks! Production line efficiencies eliminate the necessary ‘sequential’ process of site building a home: excavation, foundation, floor joists, floor decking, wall framing etc. (weather conditions permitting). In the factory setting all components of your home are built at the same time, then assembled sequentially. While the home is being built in the factory, the NW Green land development staff completes the site preparation and foundation so your property is ready for the home delivery when it’s completed at the factory.