Structural Foundations

Yes, you can have your manufactured home supported by a true, load-bearing, foundation. Our proprietary foundation system eliminates the need for skirting, tie-downs and concrete runners under your home providing you with a superior support system.

Highlights of the stem wall foundation:

  • Engineered to meet all load, seismic and wind requirements
  • Provides full perimeter support for the exterior walls of your home plus full linear support at your marriage line(s).
  • Pit-set excavation is a standard feature placing your finished floor closer to the ground requiring fewer steps to your entry doors.
  • All work is performed by our long-term & highly qualified staff.

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Toney & Karlene Raines

High Performance Manufactured Home Study (HPMH)

Northwest Green Homes was honored to be selected as a participant in the HPMH study to measure and analyze the performance of a high performance manufactured home. Partnering together with Northwest Energy Works, Inc., Fleetwood Homes and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (a non-profit consortium funded by the region's electric utilities) a prototype manufactured home was built for Toney and Karlene Raines of Chehalis, WA. The costs of the high efficiency features of their home were completely paid for by the study.

Some of the high efficiency features of their prototype home include:
High R-Value insulation: R-45 (ceiling), R-38 (floor), R-26 (wall)
High R rigid foam board exterior wall sheathing
Triple pane (U=0.22) vinyl frame windows
Hybrid Ductless Heat Pump zonal electric heating system (heating & air conditioning)
Heat Pump water heater
Energy Star rating: home and all appliances
LED & CFL lighting

The data are still being collected but the energy savings the Raines' are enjoying so far is remarkable.

* Their attached garage is a great example of how we site-build garages to match the architecture and features of the home.

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David & Pam Young

The Youngs' home definitely contradicts the stereotypical image of a manufactured home!  David & Pam's home features 9' sidewalls with tall windows throughout to take in the beautiful Whidbey Island scenery that surrounds their 2,700+ square foot home which also features a 6/12 roof, attached garage and timber frame style covered front and rear patio areas.

Thanks, David & Pam, for the pictures of your finished home!

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Ivan & Brenda Keefer

Ivan & Brenda Keefer's retirement dream was to move to rural western Washington near where Brenda grew up. After retiring and selling their home in the Chicago area they chose to go with NW Green Homes and our comprehensive land and home development services.


The Keefer's project required us to clear their 1.7 acres, build the driveway, install a septic system, build a 24' x 36' detached garage/shop and install a new 1,866 square foot Fleetwood manufactured home. Along with their home installation on our proprietary concrete stem wall foundation, Ivan and Brenda also hired NW Green to build a 10' x 12' Timber Frame covered entry and rear patio area featuring a 10' x 26' Pergola.

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Randy Small

A Site-built Modular home.  Randy's 1,305 square foot vacation home is comprised of two 10' x 44' first floor modules that were factory built by Fleetwood Homes in Woodburn, OR. then transported to his Winlock, WA acreage.  Using our proprietary track system, NW Green hydraulically lifted the individual modules and tracked them onto the foundation walls.  Roof trusses were then lifted onto the modules and set in place creating an additional 440 square feet of upstairs living &/or storage space accessed by way of an interior stair well.  The 12/12 roof pitch and timber frame style front covered entry provide his home with a rustic custom built look to compliment the rural setting of his vacation get-away.

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