Environmentally Responsible & Resource Efficient

The goal of Green Building is to optimize the performance of a home to ensure you, the homeowner, enjoy the greatest comfort, health, safety and well-being while using the least amount of the earth's  limited resources.

  There is no rigid formula for building a green home, it's simply a systematic approach to maximize the efficiency of your home while minimizing it's impact on the environment. 

Think of your home as a system: much like your body, it requires energy to function, it breathes and requires maintenance to stay healthy.  A healthy body functions much more efficiently when it's properly fueled and exercised, something that requires knowledge, planning and effort.  Much the same, Green Building implements years of research together with efficient building strategies to assure the various systems and structure of your home, like a trained athlete, perform at a high level while using the least amount of fuel and resources possible.

Features of a Green Home:


Energy efficient – provides enhanced home owner comfort and lower utility bills
- Higher R-value insulation
- Insulated doors
- Low-e, dual pane vinyl windows
- Energy Star rated appliances
- Maximized natural lighting

Water efficient – results in lower water and sewer bills
- Low flush or Dual flush toilets
- Low-flow shower heads
- Rain water catchment

Good indoor air quality – a healthy environment to live in
- Controlled fresh air ventilation
- Low VOC building materials and sealants
- Less toxic floor coverings

Durable/Sustainable – a long-lasting, resource efficient, low maintenance home
- Fiber cement siding – reduced maintenance and demand on forest products
- Recycled building materials
- Factory-built efficiencies ensure reduced building waste & maximized recycling

Your budget may influence the degree to which NW Green Homes can incorporate these features into your home but it will always be our focus to build your home Green.  In fact, it's the motto of our construction company, NW Green Construction,  “Green starts with dirt work” which means we want to be minimally invasive on the environment - your property, throughout your housing project.  We believe the preservation of the earth's natural environment and ecosystems is an integral element in building Green.

NW Green Homes is pleased to offer the Earth Advantage certified Green option exclusively through our affiliated Palm Harbor factory.  Earth Advantage Green Certification is available with any manufactured or modular home built in the Palm Harbor manufacturing facility.